What we sell and deliver

Its not just veg, when you make an order for a veg box you can add on many additional items from local producers who are just as passionate
about their work as we are

You are able to order a veg box, securely online by visiting our online store.
Click on the link below

You can place a no obligation one off / trial (do not have to opt into the weekly veg box scheme) on your first order and if you are satisifed with the veg box and want to continue, we can set up a recurring order just as easily as well. 

We are able to take your likes and dislikes into account ensuring we do not include items that you don't like and can tweak your order.

Old habits are hard to break and moving on from our Pick Your Own farm, we will also let you Pick Your Own veg box too.

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  1. Fruit
    In the summer our fruit will be available as add-ons to the veg box. You can look forward to white strawberries, raspberries and old apple varieties, such as russet. Fruit during the winter months are sourced from an organic wholesaler. Go to our online store to see our boxes.
  2. Veg
    We love colourful veg and you can expect colourful items in your box such as heritage carrots and graffiti aubergines. Go to our online store to see our boxes.
  3. Apple and Pear Juice
    Apple and Pear Juice
    The individual varieties of apple and pear juice are some of the best tasting available. It is creamy showing that it is fresh and perfect in taste. Go to our online store to see our boxes.
  4. Preserves, Honey, Vinegar and Flavours
    Preserves, Honey, Vinegar and Flavours
    Honey - Gilwern (bees are resident in our orchards) Forage fine foods - Herefordshire
  5. Eggs, Bread, Milk and Pasta
    Eggs, Bread, Milk and Pasta
    Eggs are organic from Abergavenny Sourdough from organic flour - Grosmont Raw Milk - Grosmont and organic Welsh Pasteurised milk Focaccia and Fresh Pasta - Abergavenny French bread - Fabriece